Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?

Just call ACM to get started now! We have an open ended contract, you are never tied in! We can begin services in one day!

How do we get the necessary information to you?

There are several ways to send your information and we will customize this to meet the needs of your office.

How do we report our patient’s information that you need to generate a claim?

We provide the forms needed to your office.  We have a one page “Intake” form that is filled out one time only for each patient, or you can print the data from your computer and send it over to us.

How do we report our daily charges to you?

We have a customized “Coded Daysheet” that can be used, or simply print the daysheet from your computer daily. We will customize this process to fit your needs.

How do you handle denials and underpayments from the insurance companies?

All denials and underpayments are handled daily.  If a claim is pended, denied or underpaid, we call the carrier the same day to research what is needed.  If a patient’s involvement is needed, we contact them for their assistance as well.  We continue to follow up on the claim until payment is made.

What makes you better than other billing companies?

Experience! We have been the leader in California for 25 years strong. We have hundreds of years of experience in our office at all times to handle all your questions, even on the most complicated cases. We have the knowledge to get your claims paid and paid now!