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Advanced Chiropractic Management is the leader in Chiropractic Medical Billing in California, and has been since 1988. Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists and Medical Doctors are all flourishing with the help of ACM. Letting these professionals get back to doing what they do best, caring for their patients.

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Allow ACM, Inc handle the billing, so you can get back to your practice.

ACM specializes in DC, PT, AC, and MD / DC billing for California doctors and practitioners.

ACM are the leaders in our field because we possess the extensive experience,  knowledge and expertise required to get your insurance claims paid at the highest level available, with the quickest turnaround possible.

The benefits of using ACM as your billing service include:

ACM Billing Service

We control the outcome! Our extensive knowledge of the carriers lets us know who pays what! That is the key to financial security! We provide extensive training for you and your staff, additional training for all new staff or doctors, and we decrease office costs such as postage, forms and computer upgrades. You’ll have unlimited access to our ACM staff experts for all of your billing questions and needs. Isn’t it time for the peace of mind you’ve been looking for?